AncientFutures is ‘Shingai’s highly anticipated release as an independent artist. Fans will be taken on a cinematic journey written, co-directed and conceptualised by Shingai.


Shingai, legendary front woman and bassist of The Noisettes ignites a groundbreaking chapter with her new EP, ‘Ancient Futures’.

The EP finds Shingai at the vanguard of a new era of pop. Live instruments and future forward programming sit comfortably beside the melodies and rhythms inspired by her Southern African heritage.

With an effervescent soundscape, the record is fearlessly infused with a soulful yet boisterous energy, making the music electrifying and compelling. Distinguished for her memorising and dramatic performances, be prepared to be taken on a sonic odyssey.

Africa with Ade Adepitan review

a couple of people that are standing in the grass© Provided by Johnston Publishing Ltd

Zimbabwe at first seemed an equally poverty and crime-stricken destination. But observing the country’s first-ever music video shoot by a Western artist, the singer Shingai Shoniwa, and looking at the sheer hard work and entrepreneurial spirit of gold miners armed with little more than pickaxes and ingenuity simply staking a claim and finding enough of the precious metal tio earn a living, he came to the conclusion that “Africa’s greatest resource is its people”.Read full article published by MSN


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